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by Tormenting Dreams

What road did i turn down that lead to this?

i wonder what had truly happened

the years that past, that left us behind

if i had the hands of time i would rewind

i cant change who you are

i cant erase all those scars

but did you have to mark me to?
the past of pasts it runs through and through

to break the cycle, break who you are

before your sense have ran to far

there worn out and stretched thin

so where do we truly begin?

they say to help, help yourself

you dont want it, u like the hand thats dealt

one mans pain is another mans pleasure

you hold it close like its your golden treasure

i cant hate you, no matter how hard i try

but to be hated by you makes me want to die

unconditional love what happened to that?

i feel like im the fly in your spiders trap

years have past since we last met

but i still feel the sting, i taste the regret



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1 comment

kilofifi 5/19/2013 - 2:11 am

You are beautiful, Thank you for existing and making this place/home/world worthwhile

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