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little thoughts

by Tormenting Dreams

A site filled with most of the worlds rejects, and im always rejected.

just that opening line right there is pitiful. for a place to be open and accepting it seems very picky. i dont know it maybe just me, but i always feel on the outside. like right now i have no idea what to say because some many people hate a despise me. i have no life at all, all of my socializing happens online and even there i cant fit in. i really dont have to say much anymore for people to jump down my throat. its like what the fuck, really. everyone says im not the same and i antagonize lately, but i just dont see it. what i do see is a giant rift between me and the rest of the world. i dont know if i have to open my eyes and see, or shut them and disappear completely. its all just sad, i have no where else to go, i have no one to turn to. so its just me. me all by myself on the outs for different reasons.i try so hard to change and be what people want, but i just dont want to do that anymore. no one wants to take the time to know me, they just want me to be what they want me to be. and i wont do that anymore. i dont mean to be hostile or whatever, frankly i dont see me being hostile, i see you getting upset im not kissing your asses anymore. take me as i am or fuck off. just that easy



~ ShatteredGlass


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Cosmic Blip 5/20/2013 - 11:27 pm

You seem like a good guy, SG. Can I share a secret with you? I’ve never fucked a Black girl. I’ve screwed whites, Asians and Mexicans, but never a Black lady. I’d like to cross this off my lidt before I die. Maybe a female from India, too.
Life is short. Make it count

hopefuldreamer 5/20/2013 - 11:43 pm

I know what it feels like to have nobody to turn to I actually feel the same way right now. If you want someone to talk to I’m here

izzybel 5/21/2013 - 12:49 am

easier to say what we want online. i can’t seem to work up the courage to tell my family how i feel. most of the time i want to scream at them to fuck off so that i don’t have to deal with their shit. mom sent me to talk to someone so that i can feel better. she seems that i have depression issues because i seem withdrawn from the family. its funny how she can’t talk to me but rather have someone else do it. that is why i have created my way out. but its not for everyone. are you ready to leave everyone behind? or do you think that if you found your voice you would use it?

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