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by Tormenting Dreams

i feel the safe and warmth of my bed

the demons still hover over my head

i can never get away

its not safe in my safe place

i feel the comfort of the thinning sheets

its the finest place i have to bleed

these four walls are faded and falling in

this is the place where i hang my head

i have nothing to show for over the years

the accomplishments to face my fears

i have nothing to call my own

this is a hallowed place i call my home

i have no one left i can meet

loneliness i cannot beat

the sucking void is plugging up

its taking me, im afraid im stuck

its never very satisfied

i have no place that i can hide

she calls out from the darken mass

come to me, it comes to pass

i hear her foot steps fade away

i call, there is no answer. the answer is gone today

i have 18 years of misery

thats my really life true glory

of all the time i spent alone

i still have no place i feel is home

there we’re 8 long months of happiness

thats gone, now all i have its tepidness

im searching for a way out

i shout and shout, they cant hear me out

drowned out with the echo like all the rest

this is what i do the best:



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