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by Tormenting Dreams

It has come to my attention that a particular person has been cyber bullying young girls on this site, i have no way of knowing if it is particular disclosed to this site alone or not, but here- in it is a big issue on here. and there maybe a lot of people on here doing it, i have no way of knowing. so i am going to write this purely on the facts that i have accumulated over a set period of time.  this said person be-friends these girls and convinces them to talk privately with him or to play online  games with him, he then will start dropping comments or taking stabs at them for whatever faults he finds. upon this the girls would tell him to stop or threaten to stop talking to him. he would then start acting depressed or threaten to kill himself, which as we all know can not really be taken lightly on here. as time progresses and he gets comfortable with the knowledge that they will not leave him he will then aggressively insulting them and he does so in a particular manipulative way that makes the girls feel like they have done something wrong, or that the whole situation is there fault. and his abuse only gets worse and progresses from there, and in time  he will ask them for nudes and when they refuse he once again uses  the suicide tactic, so in  essence sexually harassing them. i have no idea if girls have sent him nudes, but as far as the once i know are concerned im confident they haven’t.

Now a lot of you out there will question this and ask “why didn’t they block him or delete him?” well there are a lot of lonely people on here, and there only option is to endure this abuse, or be lonely. now i know loneliness kills, and they would probably be better off not talking to this guy. But a lot of people are afraid to be alone, they would rather do anything than be alone. and that is a big problem, alot of us are lonely or socially awkward so we cling to the people that socialize with us or are our “friends” when people are put in those situations they are classified as “perfect victims.”

Now down to the point, doing something, or similar things like this is wrong. its just wrong plain and simple. there are so many different outcomes that can stem from that situation. you can make people distrusting of other people, which makes them paranoid which will probably lead to them having no friends, being lonely and possible suicide. another out come that could occur is that these people actually believe what is said and lower there self worth which puts them in situations that could possibly lead to there depression capitalizing and taking there life.

what i want people to know is that there is no need to put yourself in those types of situations. there are people out there for you, personally i have found so many wonderful people that im not afriad of ending up alone anymore and i have started to get better.

i know personally due to my own interactions that the suicide project is here for you, the people are here for you, do not let anybody dictate your lives or make you feel like you are worthless, or stupid, or not wanted.

and down to the last notice. it is never good to send nude pictures out online where you dont really know who the receiver is.  alot of people can put on an act or facade. but i know people still send nudes out, and thats expected there are alot of young people on here. but dont let anyone bully you or talk you into doing if, if you dont want to do it. you never know what can happen


~ ShatteredGlass


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one_day 5/7/2013 - 10:23 pm

Thanks for this.
I want to add to anyone who has ever been subjected to this kind of treatment – it is NEVER ANYONE ELSES FAULT if someone suicides. There’s only one person in the world responsible for suicide ever.
I can verify that this person has tried to emotionally manipulate me (although there was no talk of nuddies) and I simply stood up to him and didn’t stand for it, and he respects me now more for it.
Learn to recognise when you are being manipulated and don;t fall for it. How? If anyone ever tries to make you feel guilty, thats a sure sign theyre trying to manipulate you. Because friendship is not based in guilt, it’s based in respect.

AtTheEnd 5/8/2013 - 5:16 am

The sad part is one_day is right fromt he previous post. Did you ever stop to confront me? Did you ever email me and ask if I do in fact do all this? I don’t convince girls to befriend me or to play online games with me. I only play video games with one person from SP talk to her SG she’s quite thrilled about how you just threw everything out in the open….I don’t convince people to befriend me. They actually do want to talk to me when I am not being a little *****. I admit I am a horrible sick fuck sometimes. I can be a bully, i do put people down, i guilt them. I am a monster in that sense, but I don’t threaten them with killing myself or hurting myself. I don’t know where you got that information. I don’t tell a girl to send me dirty things or I’ll kill myself or hurt myself, that’s sick and pathetic. I don’t start dropping comments or taking stabs at them or their flaws that i supposedly see. I do actually do that because as I said i am a horrible person, but you have already twisted everything from the already twisted truth you posted in the first direct post to now me doing all this 24/7 with EVERY girl…if a girl doesnt want to talk to me she doesn’t have to threaten to stop talking to me. In fact every one i talk to i tell them to be honest about if they hate me after a while, i tell them they are free to delete me. I don’t ask every girl for nudes, I don’t get close to a girl for nudes, and stop and think about the fact that it wasn’t always me who initiated perverted conversations. I don’t sexually harass any girls. If you think you have proof, email me with said proof. I promise I will own up to any credible evidence on this site in a public post. Your evidence is all hearsay, please do get back to me through email, I know the chat has a lots of info on anyone so it shouldn’t be hard to ask for my email. Second this whole business bothers me because WT is mad because I cruel to a 35 year old….I was horrible…fuck i was heartless, I said some cruel things, i didnt ask her for nudes (shocker i know right?), i told her she needed to grow up (hilarious coming from a child like me i know), she then gave WT my number and it got worse until i deleted her number and he deleted mine. Now, SG i find it odd that you would post this….forgive the kettle if it calls the pot black but if i remember correctly the same girls we both talk to told me the same things about you. I was even in chat when you and your other friends would bully people and make them feel uncomfortable isnt that why they went to tinychat? because the mods wouldn’t put up with you and tinychat wasn’t very well modded so you could be as cruel as you wanted, and then turn around and hit on the girl and tell her you liked her? Why oh why do you insist on accusing me when you have failed to see what you yourself do? Please do get back to me with the evidence you have gathered and I will keep my promise if it undeniably the truth.

But in truth i am horrible and I do guilt…but not guilt to get nudes.

One_day i never asked you for nudes because i don’t talk to girls just to get nudes. I don’t get clsoe to a female just to be pervert. I can also psot the email messages we have which arent long to prove i didnt even try to manipulate you either.

We had a discussion because i amde a comment about something that you said. You called me a child and said you were older and therefore wiser and that pissed me off so I told you that you were wrong and it became worse after that. I do respect you more who keeping with your position despite how i may abhor it. I am sorry if i did guilt you though, I probably did once or twice…but there are females on here who i talk/talked to, who no i do not ask for nudes, i dont get pervy with, i don’t harass, and i don’t guilt.

I am quite flawed, but i find it sad that in this trial i was found guilty by my judge jury and executioner who is only you SG I was not allowed to face my accusers, I was not allow to see or read the evidence gathered against or even to provide my side of any story. As if there was no need because you had come to a decision. Please kettle stop calling the pot black.

shatteredglass 5/10/2013 - 3:33 pm

Hey your right, i used to be an asshole.i used to antagonize people or take things to far. until i r3ealised i was doing it, and i now have one good friend that keeps me on track and calls me out for being a *****. and if i remember correctly that was not the soul reason tinychat was created, if anything i dont think that was every anything to do with the creation on tinychat. tinychat is for tghe people that like to get on cam or see other people on cam, and tbh i wasnt on tinychat when it was first started i joined a while after, and even then it broke up into several rooms for a while and i did not partake. and i disapeared for a while and only recently have i been partaking in tinychat. but for the last 3 days i havent do to personal problems and pro choice. and i can politely ask for proof from you to on these said girls i bullied or made uncomfortable. and im not saying your wrong i may have done it unintentionally. but as i said this needs to be a safe site, and i dont want to hinder anyone’s progression with my ignorance. the only correlating proof i have on you is from 6 separate girls who to my knowledge rarely or never speak to each other, and i will give no names, but it just struck me as odd that there stories would almost match save for very few differences. And this has been a reoccuring thing, if the girls had just told me this recently i would probably have thought nothing of it, but they have been confiding with me and some others over a period of months and i figured it was time for issues of that nature to end.

The_Voice_Inside 5/8/2013 - 9:41 am

>____> The words, THE FUCK? Come to mind…. But hey this is one of the most viewed topics.

one_day 5/8/2013 - 9:51 am

@ATE – Like I said before, it’s all just gossip at a certain point.
These are the FACTS from my interractions with you:
You once tried to guilt trip me into talking to you when I really just needed my space. I didn’t sucomb to this. I told you to take a hike. You understood and gave me the space I needed. Everything was fine. This is, by NO MEANS the most horrible thing anyone has ever done to me, it’s pretty tame actually. I doubt you even realised what you were doing.
As for the nuddies and whatever, I’m not going to discredit anyone else’s experience, all I’m going to say is it wasn’t MY experience.
But a good rule of thumb to all the kiddies is: clothes are great. They keep you warm and protect you from all kinds of nasty bacteria and rough surfaces. I strongly suggest you keep them on.

Dawg 5/8/2013 - 12:00 pm

So … I haven’t had any experience with any of this so i am not going to speak to any specifics of any people who may or may not be involved …. on that count, i have no involvement or first hand knowledge. That said …

Something jumps out at me on a generic, yet important level … people asking other people to compromise their morals and principles through guilt or threats …

IF someone says “I need you to do “X” or i will kill myself” … where “X” is equal to any thing or action that would compromise your morals or sensibilities … the answer is simply … “I’m sorry you feel that way but i cannot honor your request because it violates my personal code … and while it’s your right to commit suicide, it is solely your choice to do or not do it … it will not now, or ever have anything to do with my actions”

In short, only do what you want to do and what you feel comfortable doing – don’t give in to peer pressure or threats… you have to live with yourself, not them.

moral dawg

orangish 5/8/2013 - 1:29 pm


Best comment on this entire site.

bryan 5/8/2013 - 1:42 pm

You are right this site is not for gamers or getting pictures. Or making friends its to document how we feel. And get advice. And by chance we do die the wourld has a little understanding on why we died. Its not to pick up on people

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