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by WiltedRose

Every time I go to do this I just stop. Why can’t I do this?  Why can’t I just form words? Why am I so afraid of the unknown? I hate it when people say that suicide is selfish. You know what’s selfish? Letting someone get so low that its the only option. People don’t understand suicidal people because it’s a torment so agonizing that they can’t possibly imagine going through that type of agony. They don’t understand what it’s like. I can’t do this anymore. Too damaged to live but to cowardly to die. Surrounded by perfect cookie cutter people whos biggest worry in the world is their appearance. Iwent into a void and came out to this? My faith in humanity is lost.


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MiBoilingPoint 5/10/2013 - 5:25 pm

“I hate it when people say that suicide is selfish. You know what’s selfish? Letting someone get so low that its the only option”

Well fucking said.

Riddick 5/11/2013 - 12:05 am

My faith humanity was lost before I was even born. Yeah people never understand others cause they can’t walk in our shoes, yet they will try to conclude and sum many of us up anyways. They just make it worst for people like us, because being the way many of us are already makes us feel like were alone, and when they do it, it just add it one even more.

Some species we are.

Someone who cares 5/11/2013 - 6:57 am

People say it’s selfish because of the pain it brings to all those around you that care about you. They call it selfish because doing it is giving up when everybody else just keeps trying and when someone gives up, it makes it harder for everyone else to keep trying.

It IS a selfish thing if you think about it. Your pain, your sadness, your lack of feeling, your hopelessness. When I think of suicide, I’m thinking of me and no one else. The whole “world would be better off” reasoning is the ultimate self-pity trip and believe me, I feel it too. But I fight it. It’s also selfish when you have responsibilities that you’re abandoning to all those who survive you. So don’t kid yourself thinking it’s not a selfish act. It is. If you do this, it’s YOUR own fault. But, countless people will blame themselves for not helping you in some way that you might have been able to clue them into.

So I wish you strength to keep fighting. People’s appearances are often not what they are and after being on this site for a couple of years on and off and seeing the countless posts day after day, it’s quite likely that some of those people you know are fighting too.

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