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I hate being a girl

by progmessiah8

I do. It seriously feels like a disability often. You have so much that you have to worry about like making sure you don’t get raped. Every time I go out somewhere, I’m always told not to be out too late since it’s “especially dangerous for girls.” I hate that. That makes me try to dress as much like a boy as I can, so maybe I’ll be mistaken for one. I think about cutting my hair short and not shaving, but then I’ll be labeled as a “butch lesbian” since I am gay. It’s not fair. Aside from the obvious things like getting your period, I hate feeling like the world has less faith in women, like it’s believed they can’t get as much done just because of their gender. I don’t want to spend my entire life making sure I don’t get attacked by some dumbass that hates women or having to deal with possible discrimination. Whenever someone jokes that women are bad drivers or they suck at working with mechanics, I just want to hit them. Fine, maybe I just can’t take those types of jokes but I can’t help it.  It’s so frustrating. Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I love to shop, wear makeup, wear revealing outfits, or carry a huge purse wherever I go. I try to find shorts or jeans with deep pockets or take just a tiny bag with me. Guys, I hate this. I literally just want to die every time I’m reminded of what boundaries are set for me because of my gender. 🙁


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MiniWiconi7 6/2/2013 - 10:20 pm

Learning to live in our skins and love us is hard to do. Takes time. Makes it harder when you start comparing yourself to all the other options out there. I understand where you are coming from though and agree with you totally. If you are a minority and a woman it makes it even tougher. But no matter what we can’t change what sex we are or what we look like unless we go to doctor and get it changed surgically. We just have to learn that we are who we are for a reason and we had no choice in the matter. I see people that were born with tremendous medical problems that severly limit what they can do to have a productive life. My point is even though it is hard to see it this way, we need to be thankful for what we have because it could be a whole lot worse. Women have the one advantage that men will never have. The ability to create,carry and nourish a new life.

progmessiah8 6/3/2013 - 12:48 am

“Women have the one advantage that men will never have. The ability to create,carry and nourish a new life.”

I wish everyone respected that though. I don’t understand why there is so much hatred and contempt of women in the world for that reason. They are the ones who suffer through all the hardships of pregnancy to give birth to life. Women are sorely taken for granted and whatever they accomplish seems to be “good, but not good enough.”

I just get the feeling that my whole life will be about trying to prove society wrong when they make misconceptions about me due to my sex. Whenever my dad says “I’m glad I’m a guy,” I feel envious and say, “And you should be.” 🙁

Teebee 6/3/2013 - 1:23 am

I completely can relate to you! Living in a patriarchal society sucks! I feel like my life is about trying to prove society wrong. However, I think that is what drives me to want to be successful and hold a position of power. I know I am limited to what can do as a woman but I will not let that stop me. More women then men now are in college pursuing a higher education and out in the workforce. This gives me hope for the future. Hopefully one where women will be respected and hold more positions of power in society.

thelightshined@gmail.com 6/5/2013 - 4:53 pm

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