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by Tormenting Dreams
I find myself avertedly stuck in a pit of lonely. The waning moon cutting a crescent in the sky, seemed to be cutting a crescent in my soul.
I sat sprawled out on the steps, of yet another abandoned house i have claimed lazily dragging on a cigarette. i couldn’t help but wonder if someone would come through and pull me out of this pit.
i flicked the ashes off the end of my cigarette, i watched the embers burning a cherry red. It always seemed to be the same.
i laughed humorously under my breath ” we are brought into this world by another just to die like the flame” i sighed. i took one last drag and flicked it away from me. “i need a life”
i labored as an old man back up the steps as my depression pulled me back into the house.

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theobserver 7/10/2013 - 1:47 am

I find it interesting that you suddenly switched from present tense to past tense here. Almost seems like the feeling keeps leaving you..

Quite a philosophical thought.. here with “we are brought into this world by another just to die..” It kind of implies that our sole purpose is to die – nothing more, nothing less and that there isn’t anything else more to existence except death.. but by being born we are given time.. which is thought of as the most precious things we can obtain. How one uses it before death, is his/her own business.. and I think how we fill our time should define our lives rather than our deaths..

But why bring a child into a world full of mystery? Perhaps because of some naive hope? Maybe out of some selfish reason to be happy?

It was once thought that we are born pure without hate or love, jealousy, happiness or any other emotion nor the desire to lie or hurt.. just the will to live.. and slowly as time passes we learn these things, and we become “tainted”, if you will. I suppose that is the reason children are brought into the world.. because they symbolise hope.. and when we see them, we only see purity we want to protect in this world..?

theobserver 7/10/2013 - 1:48 am

misery* not mystery. ops.

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