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As if….

by MaKaylaRose25

As if the time goes “tick tock, tick tock” as if the seconds turn to minutes and the minutes turn to hours and then day by day the sun effects the way you live your life as if now….. You start to rot away!

You begin to write and you turn blank as if you forget how to breathe. You turn pale and flustered as if you turn and a train comes by and your life flashes before one eye…. Opens and you are starring into darkness.

You have horrible nightmares that make you never want to be alone. The darkness takes over your mind and surrounds you like a snake as it coils you up inside, the venom in your veins as it runs deeper and deeper and

You forget how to breathe. As if you die a little more inside.  Your heart pounds as a beating drum in your chest the blood pumps faster and faster until….. You find yourself hopeless.

Hopelessness is taking over your body and making you forget how to stand it takes the gravity away from you and you just fall… You fall and stare at the person you use to be in the mirror full of broken dreams…

As if…. You were ever really alive.. As f my smile was broken into a million pieces that shattered and the shards of glass came and stabbed you a million times.. what would you do then?

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