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For those who want to see a peice of my creativity and writing style.

by Tormenting Dreams

Just minutes before the world went black, a massive solar flare erupted.

Scientists only had seconds to realize what it was. But it was to late to even warn anyone.

There was a universal black out.

The whole world went dark.

Before the black out people were oblivious to the world around them. They let technology rule there lives, and in seconds,

It disappeared.

Chaos ensued like never before, people were terrified. No one knew how to live without technology, fearing they worst.

They rioted.

Governments fell, stores were robbed blind, people murdered for no reason at all.

Gangs rose out of the ashes,

mafias seized power.

And when things seemed like they couldn’t get worse.

It did.


The militaries stepped in and took control of everything, slaughtering anyone who got in there way . The united states and most inhabited countries were broke down into districts, a specific military unite ran each district.

Marshal law was instated, and the world seemed to go on as it was before.

Except there was no power.

And no one knew why.


Fear was not enough to keep order, People rioted and rebelled, demanded answers, but no one had the answers.

Civil wars happened around the globe, and just when they were about to kill each other off, something that everyone had put out of there minds happened,

The Nuclear reactors fell out,

Hundreds of thousands died.

Religion long forgotten came to the fore front. The catholic church stepped in and offered one simple answer that has changed man kind forever.


What was once frowned upon and scorned for being religious banter, suddenly became very believable, because the Vatican had proof.

The pope had a troop of captured supernatural’s spread through the districts.

A condition that was easy to hide in the cities when they had power, due the ability to work nights and live a night life. Was impossible to hide in a post black out world.


The pope went on to say that the end of the world was upon them. And the black out was a punishment designed by God. For humanity has fallen far from grace, and the harboring of demons was a capital offense.

The pope suggested that the people had to cleanse themselves of the darkness, in an effort to achieve redemption.


In a matter of hours people had committed hundreds of murders. Just on the allegations that some one was of demon decent. Many innocent people died in that first day. And over time the compulsion to kill everything that moved had subsided. But the pope had achieved the two goals he wanted. His insertion into power, and the deaths of many  demon born.

It was believed that they had been rendered extinct.



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ZombieGirl 7/3/2013 - 1:50 pm

Sometimes I wish there was an apocalypse of some sort to be the wake up call to humanity, but we take life for granted so much, what you wrote would probably happen, humanity sucks.

embargo 7/3/2013 - 1:55 pm

That’s how I feel too. Even if it puts myself at risk. Bring on the apocalypse, I’ll take my chances. Anything to break up the monotony.

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