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teardrops,sunsets and farewell


I’m holding a knife,is this the very end?
I’d like it to be better,I’d like to die beautifully ,but I don’t even have enough strengh to wear better clothes,to makeup,well…Farewell boys.I won’t be happy but I won’t suffer any longer at least.My last post so I wish you a good and long life.


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RealTalk30 7/4/2013 - 10:54 am

Please don’t. I know I’m just words on a screen but if I could gently take the knife from you, I would. People care, you just have to be patient and kind to yourself, you don’t have to beat yourself up to realize life is worth trying for. I hope in this instance you can find even a slight hint of levity. Reflect for a moment..then reflect again.

shadowclone0 7/4/2013 - 1:14 pm

well, if you don’t kill yourself, come back to us..

even if you say it’s your last post.. just erase it and come back to SP again..

it may sound screwed up, but I like it here..

I like people here and I know they will probably kill themselves eventually..

or you can change your name and come back..

but, while you’re still alive you can come back to SP

just don’t lock yourself away.. 🙂

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