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by lifekilledthelifeinme

So apparently I should be doing something with my life. Yeah, cause chasing after the wind makes perfect sense. Work a job I don’t wanna work at and make money that I could really care less about. This life is chasing after false hopes and dreams. Why are we even here? I don’t get it. Apparently to live this human experience I suppose. But there’s nothing that the world has to offer me. I don’t care about anything. I’m just accustomed to waking up, eating, taking a shit and repeat. Play some candy crush and drown myself in music, that’s life for me. I never cared about marriage or getting married. Never cared about being a millionaire or any of that. Everything should be free, I think the world would be a little more calmer. People stress about money and at the end of the day your but a speck in the universe. I guess it’s my fault that nothing matters to me. But maybe I should stop being a freeloader cause my mom gets me everything. I should just work enough to afford my cigarettes and for the food I want. Sounds like a good purpose right? My life has been shit ever since I was born, might as well embrace that I’m a nothing. A rotting corpse waiting to die.

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