cipralex withdrawal

  August 15th, 2013 by e.spence

i fantasized about dying for a good 2 years. it was my source of comfort.
i dont need my cipralex anymore, so i’m taking myself off it. a week in and those familiar suicidal feelings are back.
i know it’s just the withdrawal doing this to me, but it all feels so… familiar. and real. surreal. i wanna go partake in my new life, but  i’m having momentary thoughts of throwing myself off a building. i know it’s all biological. just gotta let it pass. it’s just made very uncomfortable by the fact that my left arm is in a cast for another few weeks, so i can’t do yoga. yoga kinda saved me ;_; i can’t wait till the cast comes off. i’m gonna throw myself back into yoga, 2 hours a day.

just keep going, i guess :>

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