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by 1298

fuck everyone, everything, over & over, hard.

don’t fucking talk about me like you know me because you just fucking don’t


if you did,

you would care more

and why can’t you fucking see all this evil in the world

why do you even smile or say it’s good

when someone you supposedly loved just turns into, well, money

how does no one actually give a shit

like what is thisssssssssss

i asked you for help, did i not?

you definitely saw me suffering

do i look strong to you?

choke me, stab me, rip off my skin, just do anything else… i know it would hurt less

just make sure it ends because i can’t stand this limitless torture anymore

please give me a way out

and stop pretending like it will all be okay eventually, because it won’t. ever. get. better.

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