s these are things i need, i love to have them

November 2nd, 2013by addicted

father died,sys marriage, no money for food…
all these prblems occure to 80% of people.
if u look at them and think on them deeply u never find a solution

idea is: eliminate negative thought,future darness,past foolishness as soon as they get into u r mind.

all problems are there to every one man, u r not alone

u born with 0 skills also its fine, but just do it wat u doing current time.

all remaining are crap cheq them

if u f’ed up tats good, atleast u r aware of that.

its all bullshit, so do some bullshit for u r self and leave the earth. dont think much and wait till end.

the time u born as human, u r fukd up with a thing called life after years and years people made it wiered.


if u crying=foolish
if u fighting=childish

if u find problems in life u find a bullshit
go die no one cares, u r parents cry for a month may be an year but no one cares
each individual suffering with their crap life
if u explaining problems to others is equal to u r filling other lifes with some more problems apart from what they facing now.

always sound gr8 to others, it may help others as well as for u.

u r brain never lets u do wat u dont like. wat u

study – hate
higher study-hate
own a company-hate
no guy who likes all shits in their life

if u feel like:have no job, have below average skills, always do mistaks in life, whn u look at past all u done is nothing, dont know how talk, not like a topper in u r class, feel like no career, u have seen u r future doing nothing.
s these are things i need, i love to have them
all u have to see are u going in different path or not.

eccept that everything is useless. u dont deserver a life to think on all those problems.
above things are not problems:

problem=not having a penny to buy food digninfied manner for u r last minute survival

remaining all state of mind i.e result of some chemical reaction in brain.
there are millions of ppl who go to sanyasis, teachers, preists, psyciartists,psyclogists….
even after thy have enough money to survive on earht with middle class lifestyle.

wat u consider as problems are all illusions not real.

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