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by Tormenting Dreams

I feel that even the stars are pulling away from us.

Each year there seems to be less and less luminescent pin pricks of light that glisten in the dark night sky.

As a kid i used to look out at the night sky with such awe, to think that all we saw was not all there was… But as we grow older we lose that simple minded thinking. We fall prey to the everyday cliches, Superficial vain meaningless things become of great importance. The world strategically puts things in your way to stop you from seeing what is important, They wrap your mind so tightly around everything they want you to see, to hear, to want. And then we are lost.

Wars shall always be fought, men shall always die, the earth shall always suffer because of one mans greed.

And that is what happened.

I remember the stars, laying there watching them as a child. I had such awe in my heart, the tiny pinpricks of light so far away holding so many secrets. and they were ll mine.

Now they are all gone.



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Wifeisgone 12/16/2013 - 11:33 am

The universe is expanding, thus the stars are appearing to pull away from us (coz they are). Its called “space-time”.

Its a result of the original Big Bang.

Seyelence 12/16/2013 - 12:15 pm

Just focus on the feeling of everything. When we are young, that’s all we understand (feeling). But as we grow older, society teaches us to think, so we begin to lose that simple mindedness, like you said. The stars are a part of you, they are always going to be with you, even if you can’t see them. Just have to feel them, which is what you have been doing for a lot of your life. Don’t let society’s artificialness get to you.
Feel the beauty through the pink skied sunsets. Feel the beauty in the starry night skies, cause that’s what we really are, stars. They’re still there, bud!

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