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Tell me a story

by Tormenting Dreams
tell me a story

Tell me the story

about how the sun

loved the moon so much

that he died every night

just to let her breathe

tell me this story

as i lay down to sleep

as the moons coming up

and the suns heart

beats its last beat

with love on the mind

and a heart that aches

i miss every moment with you

that i have forsaken

i want a love like legend

that will never die

if its fresh in our hearts

its fresh on are minds

my heart aches for the sun.

my heart aches for the moon

to be so far apart, and never touch

but yet they still love each-other, so very much

separated by distance in a chasm so black

its a life that is so lonely, and there is no road back

there only comfort in  life is the light at a distance

given off for the love that they truly are missing

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