January 18th, 2014 by VickyVale78

In dire need of true inspiration

To breed on some form of stimulation

I’m not yet my best just a representation

Cause I’m utterly crawling in desperation

In need of direction not just a destination

Craving so deep all I seek inside

Not fully ready to take this stride

Yet no longer do I wish to hide

Losing more hope each time that I’ve tried

As the days go on it’s as if I’ve died

Negative thoughts growing so vile

As I take in pain with a laugh or a smile

It’s been so long, yeah it’s been awhile

Since I’ve had any strength to take on this mile

Just please don’t judge me cause I’m not on trial

Save thee, help me

Need to break free

I dont want to believe this life is crappy

I’m sorry if I seem a bit too sappy

All I truly ever wanted was to just be happy

Yet the words express, what my mouth won’t say

As I seem to float further on each day

I miss the good ol days where we went out out to play

Every day was so bright where they now seem so gray

Can you sincerely give me, any reason to stay?

lonely road

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