Am I the only one?

January 17th, 2014by Kinnaree

Seriously, around 85% of the people I know are in a relationship. How come I seem to find no one? Where is my special person? I’m starting to believe love is the biggest lie/trap. Really. I’m 21 and I never did anything with a guy! Worse thing is, I hate boasting, but everyone says that I’m pretty, that I have potential blah blah blah but in the end who’s single? Me! Okay, I know that’s not so bad (although I have plenty other problems), but I improved, I’m not especially shy, I’m a bit introverted that’s right, but I’m approchable. I hate when people boast about their relationships and sex, it makes me want to punch them in the face cause they know very well I’m still single!  I think I’m going to die with my 36 cats, childless and old, then I’d realize I’ve wasted my youth for nothing… Great. Gosh, even my younger cousin got a boyfriend. I really love her and all but I used to never be jealous before and now I’m so dead jealous that I need to stay in bed because I have rage outbursts! I feel like I became a monster of jealousy. What about you, single people? I know this topic isn’t relevant for a suicide option, actually not at all, but do you feel bad being the third wheel too?

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