Day 6

January 17th, 2014by LetItGo

Hi Guys,

Luckily I don’t have school. But that means that I’m just sitting alone in my room. I don’t know what to do with my life… I just. Sometimes I get these awesome happy moods. Like I am REALLY happy. Not a fake happy, but sometimes I get so suicidal. I question my existence. I question my purpose. I question my life. I question life. I question so many things. And then sometimes my friends don’t help and I just don’t know…

So I guess one of my down days are today because I just feel suicidal and down.

On a side note I might not be able to post this weekend. I’m going skiing with my family. Yay! Not really.

So sorry about that. Um I don’t really have much to say… I woke up at 11 am. Talked to someone. Ate breakfast. And now its 1:11.

Maybe tonight I’ll post again.

Here’s your poem:
I cause mistakes.
I cause panic attacks.
I cause so many bad things.
With what I say.
With what I think.
With what I do.
Would it be better?
Would it be better without me?
Would it be better with me not here?
I should go.
I should leave.
I should go somewhere else.

Au Demain

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