Just a heads up

  January 6th, 2014 by sbkstep43

I know I haven’t posted in a good while. I really don’t know what going on in my life. I go to a new school with like seven people more like seven bullies I stand like a sore thumb because I am the only  that never graduated.  I’m in a new relationship and everyone says I seem less depressed but really I have just gonna better at faking. He seems to really love me though but he wants to be a sailor ……..I don’t know if I will be able to handle the worry with him being on the sea. Umm what else my parents placed me in therapy …….I really hate the guy …..he is just old and creepy with the same questions over and over .  Honestly  I don’t seem to be living for myself anymore ………my mother and father think I embarrass them now private school away from the world no true friend to cheer me up and now suicide has  reappeared in my mind after 3-4 months so yay

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