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to whom this may pertain, you know who you are…

by Tormenting Dreams

I dont know if your ever going to read this, or even see this. but here are somethings i never got the chance to tell you, or didn’t tell you enough.

I adore you. thats as simple as i can put it. i adore you.

You inspire me. to be a better person, and do more with my life. if it wasnt for you i wouldn’t keep reaching for more. i wanted to give you a good life, and i wanted you to be proud of me. i wanted to make you happy.

I respect you. You’re the first person I think of when I want a serious opinion on something. Anything.
I don’t want to change you. i love/loved you just as you are, with the quick fire temper, how heated you get in debates, no matter how silly they maybe. your also witty, and smart. slightly charming. and totally awesome. your kind and caring, and majorly sarcastic. but all together it makes the person i love, and i wouldn’t change a thing.

I accept your drama. lord knows it comes in the truckload. but i accept you. all of you

I’ve totally got the hots for you. As in: Seriously, can we get these clothes off already? I’m dying here. We should really find our way to the nearest bedroom. Or kitchen. Or rooftop.


You’re on my mind. Constantly. seriously, your almost all i can think of. i think of you when im at work, when im watching tv. when im doing mundane house work. right before i sleep. as i wake up. your always on my mind.
I forgive you. despite everything we have been through we still fight. we still find it hard to get along. and we come to the breaking point. and have broke. but you said that we could make it work, and i still beleive that.

I love you. despite how irritating you can be, and despite how much of a pain in the ass you tend to be, and despite how many times you have held me accountable for things i didnt do, i cant let a good thing go. and i know this is a good thing. and i love you. i care so much for you. i really do.

I can’t stop talking about you. and everyone wants to kill me for being a repeat.

I see my future with you. i see you and i traveling the world together. growing together, growing old together. your who i want to spend my whole life with, and i really hope you feel the same.

I just need to hold you. i cant stress this enough, its not about sex or desire, i just want to have you close to me. to feel you. to never let you go. i just want to be able to feel that it is real and know that you are the one thing i did right.

Thank you. For existing. For being there, for being you. for putting up with me for as long as you did. and for letting me get to know you. You were the best thing that i have ever had. and im sorry it had to end.

And last but not least, Im not going to give up on you. we have been through to much, and you have become such an active part of my life and i cant lose you. i refuse to give up on you. you are way to important to me, and this maybe selfish. but we all know i am selfish. so im not going to ever give up. even if its 5 minutes, 5 days, 5 years, 10 years. i will still be here. waiting.


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Dawg 1/8/2014 - 1:07 pm

I’m deeply touched … i had no idea you cared so much … thank you 🙂


Seriously – nice words my friend 🙂

support dawg

Persephone 1/8/2014 - 1:12 pm

This is sweet. Ah, young love…

clevername 1/8/2014 - 1:42 pm

Honestly… i could see how the intended audience (whoever that may be), might find this creepy or uncomfortable or even offensive. Perhaps “obsessive” is the word; maybe “pathetic.” (not that i haven’t been there myself)

If you have to beg, and declare yourself as thus, to someone who has most likely already decided to remain away… it’s probably not going to help.

You say you’ll wait… even many years, if required; that wait is going to seem longer and less bearable, the longer you wait; and you may just be waiting for nothing.

“Don’t Wait.”

I can’t help but appreciate the intention behind the sentiment… but you’re probably “barking up the wrong tree.”

So let’s all hope i’m wrong! (or, alternatively, that you find an individual more receptive to and compatible with your feelings)

C4 1/8/2014 - 1:59 pm

“Never become so attached to something that you couldn’t bear to live without it”.

I read a story once from a young man who was dumped by his g/f. The ex girlfriend filed a restraining order against him because she considered him a stalker. He continued to call, write and visit her after she told him that it was over. He wouldn’t take no for an answer. “I am NOT a stalker, I love her”.
I don’t know how that particular story ended, but I’d be willing to bet somebody was profoundly disappointed. Good Luck.

Persephone 1/8/2014 - 2:06 pm

I remember a guy wrote me a missive like this once. It made me slightly uncomfortable but it convinced me not to break up with him. Don’t be too attached, but you never know.

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