Young Suicide

January 7th, 2014by smash2204

This is a poem i wrote about a child becoming an orphan and it causing them to be depressed and consider suicide. This stuff might seem out of order to some people but this stuff does happen and suicidal thoughts can occur to anyone, any age for any reason. Life can seriously suck sometimes.


Lonely am i,

I can’t bear their cries,

Of laughter and happiness,

While i have tears in my eyes.

I want to shut the world out,

Be locked inside,

 From the joyous surroundings,

Because recently my parents died.

My memory is painful,

The crash of the car,

The silence of death,

 It feels like my heart is drowning in tar.

I am only seven,

Too young to have to suffer,

But old enough to understand,

What its like to lose a father and mother.

Their sympathy mocks me,

Their fake care not enough,

Those terrible social workers,

Tell me I’ve got to be tough.

But how can i be that,

With no mother love,

Or no father care,

To teach me how to grow up.

Lonely am i,

Because my parents just died,

And so perhaps, i should just commit suicide.

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