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I’m sorry, mom

by hooded_girl

I’m sorry, mom.

I’m sorry I fail to meet your expectations every day, I’m sorry I’m not doing well in school.

I’m sorry I’m not thin, or athletic, or pretty enough for you to be proud of me.

I’m sorry I am so torn up inside, I’m sorry I have chronic depression.

I’m sorry I don’t talk and walk like the girl you wish I were.

I’m sorry I have different opinions on what is worth my time.

I’m sorry I don’t do everything right the first time.

I’m sorry I can’t function correctly.

I’m sorry I am sad most of the time, I’m sorry I am a lot to handle.

I’m sorry I’m a failure, I’m sorry I’m not smart enough to make you happy.

I’m sorry you have to deal with what I am…

I’m sorry.

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lilcat 2/5/2014 - 1:11 am

Hey, exactly what I feel too! I do well in school but I don’t do well in everything else, and only doing well in school does not really help much in life. I am sorry for my parents to have a child like me 🙁

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