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So there’s this girl, she always felt lost and alone in this big world. It seemed like nothing would ever go right. She doesn’t know who her dad is and her mom only cared about the next guy in line to be with. She seen her mom go thru hell and back. She helped her mom thru all her drug addictions but it seemed like no matter what she did she could never get her mother’s love. When she was young her mom dropped her off at her ex husbands house cause she couldn’t take care of her and she thought it was the best thing to do for her daughter. But what she didn’t know was that she was mistreated there. She wasn’t allowed to have any friends, any freedom. She felt like a slave there. Her step mom mistreated her cause she looked exactly like her mother. She felt like a slave there. All she ever wanted was to get away from them. Her step mother made her clean from the time she got out of school till she went to bed. It seemed like the pain would never end. She was told that she wouldn’t become anything. She tried her best to prove them wrong. She got on the honor roll and kept up her grades in school even though she hated school. She stayed by herself most the time cause she always got made fun of. No one liked her. She always thought she was ugly and worthless and no one even noticed how depressed and unhappy she was. Her step mom and dad would beat her with a thick board  but she never told anyone. She felt like she couldn’t depend on anyone to be there for her. Finally one day her mom showed up wanting her to come back and she did. She loved her mother so much even though she wasn’t there for her. She got to do whatever she wanted and finally the school realized that she needed help. They made her go thru counseling but it didn’t help much. Eventually she stopped going. 

One day she met a boy and she fell in love. He was her first love and she cared so much for him. She gave up her virginity to him and down the road he left her. She was so heartbroken. She started skipping school and failing. She barely passed the 8th grade to go to high school. She didn’t care though. She didn’t care about school. She had very few friends at this time. She met a boy that she thought was everything and she thought she could get her life back together. She was 14 and he was 16. She found out that she was 7 weeks pregnant. They both was scared but happy. Her mom thought it would be best if she took their kid from them so that they would have a normal life. They thought about it for awhile and realized they couldn’t do that. Her mom was hurt. She couldn’t have anymore kids and all she ever wanted was another kid of her own. She stopped trying to help her out thru the pregnancy. At 4 months he ended going to a boys home 3 hours away from her so she moved in with his family. She soon realized they didn’t like her. On her 15 birthday he ended up getting out and she couldn’t be any happier. They moved  back to her hometown and things seemed to be great. Their baby boy was born and they couldn’t be any happier. She soon seemed to realized that he had some issues that she didn’t know anything about. He started to scare her a lot and he started to put his hands on her. She didn’t know what to do but she didn’t want to raise her son without him so she stuck thru it. Things didn’t get better as she hoped but she didn’t care. She still tried everything in her power to keep her little family together. They soon ended up moving in with his family but they didn’t like it at all. They tried to control what she did with her son and she soon realized that she finally had to stick up for herself and that’s what she did. He didn’t care how his family treated her and they just sat there and watched when he ended up hurting her and they would tell her how it was her fault. She believed it was because she knew with him she wasn’t allowed to have any friends and that she had to do everything he told her. A week after their sons first birthday he choked her in front of her son and he did many more things and she couldn’t handle it anymore. Nobody tried to help her. She was all alone. She took her son and moved back to her hometown and tried to start over for the better. Life was hard, she was only 16 and she couldn’t get a job cause she dropped out of school.  She still tried her best for her son. She soon seemed to realize that her son had breathing problems and he had trouble seeing. She tried her best to get him all the help he needed. Soon he came back wanting to see his son. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t want to go that long without her son and knowing how far away he would be. Her mom convinced her that it would be a good thing so she said it was okay. That’s where everything went wrong. He stopped answering all of her calls and she was divested. She felt like she lost her world.

Her aunt showed her these pills and told her that they weren’t bad and that it was just like a weed high. She believed her. She didn’t seem to realize the danger she soon put herself in. She ended up being high all the time. She met someone that she thought was nice and sweet. Even though she was still underage she didn’t think it would be a problem. She was 16 and he was almost 23. He drank a lot but he wasn’t violent. She liked him a lot. She had a bad trip on those pills and he helped her thru it. She felt loved and safe. She’s never had someone care about her that much. Her mother didn’t care about how old he was. She said age was just a number. Other people didn’t see it that way. They said it was wrong but she didn’t care what other people thought about it. She was happy and that’s all she cared about. Things fell apart. He got onto something bad and he went to jail. She didn’t see him for awhile. So she moved on and she still was pretty bad on those pills. One day she ended up getting raped and she cut herself that night pretty bad. Her whole arm was covered. She couldn’t stop crying. No one believed her, not even her mom. She felt alone and that no one cared about her. She didn’t have anyone that was there for her so she gave up on life. Everyday she ended up talking more and more but she just felt good and she didn’t realize how much she was taking. Soon after she started to drink on top of those pills. She didn’t know that she would not remember what happen that night. She started waking up in places and she didn’t remember what happened. She barely slept except when her high finally came down and she barely ate. She was never hungry. She started taking too many and she ended up in the hospital several times but that didn’t stop her. She still felt worthless and when she was high she was actually happy. She didn’t have to deal with her problems then. She started dating one of her old friends and he knew about what she was on and he didn’t say anything about it. She would be high on them every time she seen him. They started smoking weed on top of it and she didn’t realize how bad her high would get at times. She would be so high on the pills then go and smoke a lot of week and black out. He soon stopped liking it so she never looked back to him. She didn’t really care about him. She figured what the hell. She’s been treated like shit so its basically payback for what she’s been thru. One of his friends seemed to have a big interest in her. They hung out a few times and he seemed like a really great guy. He soon realized the difference she was on and off the pills and didn’t like it. He took her away for 2 weeks to a month so she could get clean. He helped her thru it all and he never left her side. She was so happy. He didn’t care about her past, he wanted to help her thru it and he didn’t care about all of her scars. He just kissed every one she had. She felt blessed. He was also her own age and he was only a year older than her.

She had some problems and was so scared when she started falling in love with him. She left him a few times till she realized that she couldn’t get him off her mind and she came running back to him. She was so sorry that she hurt him so much but he forgave her every time. Then a miracle happen, she got her little boy back. She couldn’t be even happier. He took her son in as his own and helped her as much as he could. She told him he didn’t have to since he was her son but he wanted to help. We didn’t realize how bad he would be and how hard it would be to get him to act right again but eventually he came thru.  Her son loved him very much and thought of him like a dad but didn’t call him that. He didn’t get to see his dad cause she was too scared to let him have her baby again. Then one day he purposed to her. She couldn’t be any happier. They were suppose to get married on Valentines Day. They had their fights but they loved each other very much. Then one day after a big fight she left for the night and came back the next day. She didn’t realize how stressed she was and she ended up having a seizure. He was very scared. He didn’t know what to do. He took her to the hospital and she found out she had epilepsy. They had to move in with her friend cause she wasn’t allowed to be alone with her son just incase she had a seizure and he couldn’t be there all the time with him working. It was hard cause they just moved into their own place. He ended up not liking it there and one day after work she left him cause he wanted to move back in with his family cause he couldn’t be there. She thought if she said she would leave that he would not move out, but she soon realized that it didn’t work. She tried to get over him and he did the same. He got with one of her friends and she found out that her friend was pregnant. She didn’t know what to think. But they still loved each other and they tried to work it out. They got back together and her friend was so mad. She tried to use their kid as a weapon and if he wanted to see his daughter he couldn’t be with her. Of course with her being a mother she told him not to choose her over his kid. They broke up, but kept getting back together on and off for a year. She soon realized that his feelings has changed for her. He kept talking sexually to her ex friend behind her back and she was so upset. She confronted him so he stopped. Then it came down hill cause her ex friend ended up needing a place to live soon so she would have to deal with her moving in. She of course put down rules but his baby’s mother didn’t like it. He ended up breaking up with her and kicking her out. She moved in with her sons dad cause she had no where else to go. She was just so upset cause her son started calling him daddy and he was so close with him. She didn’t want him to hurt.

So after moving in with her sons father and his fiancé things were great. Except the part where she had to deal with his grandparents but she always put her foot down when it came to her son, and they still didn’t like that. Things were a little rough at first, his fiancé didn’t really like the idea of her moving in and she also didn’t have a lot of her medicine left. She tried to take it where it would last awhile and her and his fiancé soon became good friends. Things were actually going pretty good and she liked it.

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rocketman1000 2/26/2014 - 5:58 pm


sweet Jesus that was a lot!!! 🙂
I hope things work out!!

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