When I Realized Darkness Was My Friend .

February 12th, 2014by darks0ulss

Fairytales aren’t real … the stories you read in the books when you were little , they’re all lies to. There’s no happy ending , no prince charming and there’s no one there to save you when you need to be rescued. There’s just the darkness and its there to eat you alive , to remind you that your life sucks. It pushes you until you break down , it breaks you until you are completely broken. People say that if you fall 10 times you get back up 11 times well here’s the thing … that darkness knocks you down 12 more times. Sooner or later the darkness becomes your friend , you believe everything that it says . All the pain you feel ? yea that becomes normal. There’s no happily ever after and there’s definitely no one there to pull you out or rescue from yourself or that darkness .

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