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by downNout

YOU ask me what i need and WHAT I NEED IS YOU.

I know I cant have you, You tell me i cant have you, you’ve made up your mind. You tell me you love me, you tell me you will still be around but you tell me you’re leaving overseas.. HOW THE FUCK?
You tell me all these things but do you really mean it? Why would you challenge yourself trying to make it overseas when you have a challenge here trying to make this work, make us work and (what i was hoping) start a family. YOU and only you would throw this all away. Is it because i don’t make lots of money? Is it because im in debt? Is it because i have nothing? Nothing to offer but myself..

Why would anybody think that LOVE is enough to keep someone around? LOVE is not forever.. LOVE is to be used and abused. Whats the point of being in love when twice now i’ve had it ripped away. WHY say you LOVE me and leave me? WHY THE FUCK AM I STILL ALIVE?? WHY ANYTHING?

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