fed up of life

March 2nd, 2014by steven s

I’m 19 years old and ever since I lost my job in September I feel worthless. When I was younger me and my dad never really got on because he started working offshore and he wasn’t really there for me and I took bad to it. But he got me a job beside him and everything was great I was finally spending a lot more time with him and I got a lot more closer to him then I lost my job due to me getting bullied in the work place. And since then I feel worthless. My self confidence has went right down hill and I can’t seem to get my life back on track. I drink a lot more which doesn’t help me at all but I do it because it helps me escape reality for a few hours. I have been single for a year now is well and I can’t seem to do anything right in finding a girlfriend. I have been trying to find work but it is really tough and hard to get one just now. I tried committing suicide last month but failed to do so. I just want something in my life that is worth getting up in the morning for again like a job or seeing the girl I love.


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