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Finally they listen to me

by Engeltje

So about a month ago I switched from mental health institution. My first impression by my new mental health institution was really good, they were really understanding and REALLY listened to me. So I said that I thought that EMDR-therapy would probably (saying that to every therapist I meet for 2 years now, but nobody wanted to do that) and a week ago I started with that. I’m so glad that they finally listened to me, because I see so much improvements already after 3 sessions. And also my parents do. And also this institution confirm my feeling that I have PTSD. I still have a few sessions to go before all of my trauma’s are “neutralized” and hopefully after that everything goes better.


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Randall 3/27/2014 - 5:09 pm

Nice.. I don’t know what EMDR is, but I’ll google it now. Great..excited for you.

Engeltje 3/28/2014 - 5:38 pm

Thanx Randall. EMDR is a therapy wherin you can neutralize traumatic experiences. So you wont feel much tension any more when you think about that traumatic experience. It’s a really weird therapy, I had to follow a green LED with my euesthat went from right to left and back and that for a while, and while doing that I had to concentrate on the traumatic experience and let my thoughts go. Really difficult, but it works. And really good for me, so that’s great.

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