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by Jay

i think i took too many pills tonight. no worries–not nearly enough to overdose. i’m just a little pleasantly high.
i don’t really feel up to telling my story just now, just trying to vent. but i got a lot of shit going on. and i can’t get help for a lot of it. sometimes i think that maybe i don’t even WANt to get better. i am just so tired of fighting. and sometimes i think i will never get to where i want to be. I’m just … tired. and have a major case of the sads.
and my dysphoria keeps me up past few nights and i just want to cut my chest parts off. it’s getting warm out, so I won’t be able to wear long sleeves. probably start scratching the chest instead of my arm. kill two birds, right?
i’m sorry. this is depressing. i’m only here so i can not word vomit all over my tumblr account.
i’m fine. i’m fine. really. fine.

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golf1337 4/1/2014 - 11:40 pm

Tell me your story Jay, I’m listening…

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