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Coming out in RELIGION

by klasky csupo

Okay so I’m a newly converted atheist at my catholic high school. Some people know and some people don’t. the problem is whenever someone I know/have a high level of respect for walks up to me and ask I deny it… Why why can’t I be myself it makes me feel awful because quite frankly I can’t even tell my folks who are adventists. it so hard. Im totally accepting towards their faith seen as I’ve been Christian for 16 years but no one is respecting of what I believe in sigh. I hate lying about who I am for the sake of some uptight person who doesn’t have any clue why I’ve changed or what’s going on. Another thing I have a crush on this guy that’s catholic sigh I’ll just make it in. Another post. PLEASE HELP I WANT TO BE ABLE TO WALK UP TO THEM AND SHOUT IM ATHESIT SO WHAT (BTW not actually gonna shout but at tell them the truth… Shouting seems disrespectful)


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Duke of Marmalade 4/18/2014 - 8:46 am

It’s Easter. Ask them, where are your Easter Eggs? If pretending you’re religious gets you free Easter Eggs it’s definitely worth it. They think I’m too old but you know, your never too old.

If your parents are very religious they will never accept your beliefs to the contrary. Most kids growing up in that environment are frustrated by religious and cultural restrictions imposed by their parents but just secretly diverge. In the future you’ll be able to do what you want anyway.

Randall 4/18/2014 - 10:44 am

I don’t know. Do you need to tell anyone your beliefs? I believe in the EasterBunny and I”m 86 years old. I haven’t told a soul because they’ll just give me more Geritol and not change my adult diapers again and I hate that crap. Joking around…but a personal belief shouldn’t have to be defended, reasoned, or hidden, I don’t think. If someone asks you point blank, “Are you a Christian?” You can just smile and say, “Well, that’s none of your business. It’s my private personal beliefs.” or just smile and walk away without giving an answer or change the subject.
Having a crush on a guy and him being Catholic shouldn’t even be a consideration. What does one have to do with the other? Rock on..believe what you want and be free to change as many times as you feel is necessary over the course of your life. I started out Catholic, then Nothing, then Scientology for a couple years, now I practice Zen Buddhism. Whatever…I still believe in the Easter Bunny..I’m still the same person.

bayareaguy 4/18/2014 - 2:01 pm

If your journey has brought you to a place where you know believe in “nothing” then just live in the reality of, what is for you, Truth. You are young and have a long way to journey yet. Just be the best person you can be and try not to impose your non-belief on others. Don’t mock, don’t judge. Because if Atheism is what you’ profess to believe in, then that is your religion…..it’s a belief system that professes a non-belief, but it’s a belief system none the less.

My own personal opinion about the labels of belief and unbelief is that they inflict a sort of unkind and arrogant behavior onto those who don’t believe as you do. There is a huge difference between religion and faith…..and don’t get me started on “I’m spiritual but not religious.” LOL

My faith has brought me to a certain branch of Christianity that is so accepting of the way people have been created. And not for the world would I ever say “my way is the only way” because I believe God/Creator – whatever (if you believe in such a thing ) – is waaaay too big for such labels. I believe there is validity in all faith traditions that allow for the human condition and are steeped in respect, dignity and kindness.

To my way of thinking, religion limits its followers to specific beliefs and to jam those beliefs and themselves into a box…..and that faith allows you get out of the box and play with the toys….to enjoy them….and if asked, to share them. St. Francis once told his Brothers “Never pass up an opportunity to preach a sermon. But only when necessary should you use words.”

So, when interacting with people who do not believe as you do, please do not mock or judge, inflicting arrogance and unkindess….you wouldn’t want them to do that to you.

tbd 4/22/2014 - 6:52 am

You don’t have to provide full disclosure to someone who won’t respect where you’r eat, or who will take you up as a crusade in order for them to be ok with God. K

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