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Imagine life without me!

by SimplyRonanx

I’m kind of new to this so I don’t know where to stay to be honest, I tried tumblr.com but it wasn’t working out (I think it was the fact that the “tumblr guys” think they are greater the. The rest of society) so I’ll just start here:                                                              My name is Ronan, I’m 18 I started cutting myself at the age of 16 when I had a rough patch of bullying in school. I’m not the perfect tumblr guy! I have weight, i have “non-perfect” teeth! But i can sing! music gets me up in the morning! It tells me no more cutting! But music isn’t always going too be here… And neither am I


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Shephard 4/21/2014 - 7:46 pm

“But music isn’t always going too be here… And neither am I.”

Wrong. Music lasts for as long as it has been recorded. Good music can play on forever, from your heart and your soul. The way I see it, music is my last bastion and thanks to the corporate elite who have destroyed the music industry as it is today, I now have to seek out music less heard or otherwise untouched by mainstream media. Once I lose this however, I will turn my vinyl records into ninja death stars and go on a rage quest.

Anyway, welcome aboard. Grab a rifle from the armskote and a MOLLE vest from the Q store; the shit is about to hit, friend. And you just secured a front row seat! (Read: Welcome to SP – Please Stand By as Suicidal individuals are abound)

Prowe 4/21/2014 - 7:54 pm

I like to think of what would happen if everyone had a clean slate?
You a quiet, peaceful place of your own, with an extra room full of exercise equipment.
You had an unlimited food supply of your choice?
You had access to the internet, the seemingly infinite source of information?
Then, to top it off, your social networking (Tumblr included) removed.
What would you do then, with barriers removed for two years?

In two years… you comfortably
Lose that weight (and gain some health and muscle!)
Forget about the bullying (memories will fade)
Gain a sense of self,
Become well-read, and maybe gain a skill,
Get a job,
Learn a long list of songs on an instrument of your choice to accompany that great voice of yours.

It’s really hard to tune your surroundings out, and I certainly have issues of my own, but when reading this post I think of two things:
1. Life without you- I probably wouldn’t notice… and admittedly, it’s the easier way to go.
2. Life with you- I’m imagining if you found the willpower to change yourself over the next two years, how far you’d be able to go. You COULD fix this.

We’re all going to die someday, and so instead of making it today, why not let everything go and make the most of the remaining days of consciousness you have left?

Hatshepsut 4/21/2014 - 9:02 pm

“remaining days of consciousness…” Isn’t that the truth! What’s really weird for me is that after age 18, the next 32 years didn’t take any longer to pass as the first 18 did. I don’t know why it works that way, but there is a definite acceleration of lived time that makes it go by faster as you go along. So, there’s not really all that much difference between older & younger folks.

Imperfect teeth, body size, and bullying are more difficult issues than adults & authority figures give credit for. A lot about our school system just sucks. But the adults running the world are probably less mature emotionally than the kids are (with some exceptions). After all, supposedly wise leaders introduced nuclear weapons in World War II.

The other remark that you will die one day is true, and that day may come a lot sooner than you suppose. I shouldn’t preach, yet it is part of what it means to be a human being with foreknowledge of death. Musical instruments such as flutes and percussion devices more than 30,000 years old have been dug up. It’s likely there was also singing back then. So, music will always be part of being a man–and nowadays you can get instruments and recording equipment relatively cheap, if you don’t care for the pablum the industry puts out.

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