April 2nd, 2014by Sammie Motionless

okay this got delted so ill write it short and simple bullying. guys making fun of me and saying really mean bullshit. they dont listen to the teacher or me so….. i told them to stfu cause they dont know me or my story or anyone to be making comments like ah im so dumb i just want to blow my brains out like stfu you twat fucker fuck sake man. I told them that isnt funny they laughed. so i got up and punched the ***** in the face like the he is. and his other two friends two i told them that they dont know what people like us go through just to made fun of. after that they stopped so hopefully they think before they say cause ill punch them in their fucking dick mouths. just ya you get it be strong and shit dont let other people make fun of you cause of how you dress and the music you hear. punch them even if you get in trouble fuck them tell them what they were saying and then just walk out of the principal if they dont listen cause your that much of a badass to stand up for yourself and others.

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