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Mad sounds in your ears….

by wanderlustnebula

I am really so sick of living already, people are so mean to each other and forget about what they really are. We are organic matter. We are animals who developped enough, over centuries, their frontal lobe so that we can think. That is all, really. Why bother with HAVING to work, HAVING to be beautiful, HAVING money, HAVING power…. can’t we just embrace life? This universe will go to waste anyways, so why learn at school? The fact that I know how to spell words in a language we use, what’s that giving me as a creature, a living thing that really only needs food in it’s belly and good night of sleep, along with human contacts? Seriously, jobs are only made to keep this society going. And I am not going to give this crappy govnerment the joy to say well Maeeli, we enrolled her, and now we give her paper for the HOURS of her life she spends working on building up our wealth. No fucking way. I might end up as a fucking hobbo, I don’t even care at that point. It’s the one thing they won’t take away from me, my mind. And what even is wealth? Alright, people kill each other to have a piece of paper on which we waste too much time. But after that? What’s money? One day, a house’s value is of 300, 000$, the other it drops to 200,000$.  The house didn’t change! What the hell?!? Really? And we vote for those who govern us, and when we do, they can take all the decisions without us blinking? Yeah, change that law, take the whales off your endangered species list so it gives you the right to build a fucking machine to extract more petrol. Yeah, you can kill those whales, because, well, most of us voted for you, and now we have to obey. IT’S NOT FUCKING RIGHT. And I don’t even care if I really have nothing in life, cus at least, I won’t have anything that’s theirs. They can keep it. I’ll manage to eat and sleep somewhere and that’s all I want. I just feel like throwing all this away, and if wandering around doing some work for food and a bed doesn’t work, I know death is waiting for me with arms wide open. At least I’ll be at peace, and my body can finally stop aching and will return to this earth as it’s simple and innocent form.

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