My fault

April 1st, 2014by Sammie Motionless

So i get blamed for everything when it comes around my friends. They fight they put me in the middle they stop talking “omg its all your fault you shouldnt even got in it the first place” um excuse you ***** youre the one putting me in the middle of this shit so how about you fuck off you fucking ****. Relationship ends they tell me to help them cause they dont what to do i tell them straight up facts of why it didnt work “omg youre not even helping dont even try anymore okay even if i listen itll end and its going to be all your fault” well you fucking twat what is it you want from me if im not helping you how you want then leave me the fuck out. Single and ready to fucking mingle good for you but dont say” hey can you help me get this guy” and when i tell him straight up and he says no dont say” omg you ruined it me and him couldve been together forever” you fucking twat ok. You and your cheating fucking bitching face that played with my feelings and everyone else can go man the fuck and handle shit on your own. Every things always my fault because i try and fucking help right. Well let me tell you something. This person that gets blamed on for everything has been through the ups and downs of a relationships. This person has been through a abusive relationship. This person has actually tried her fucking best to please everyone and she still does. Even with all thees fucking problems and medicine i have to take i put on that fucking fake smile and laugh. I put it on help people to my full advantage and you say shit thats not even my fault but still blame it on me. Well FUCK YOU!!!! God damnit you piece of fucking shit youre always thinking youre better then me in every way with helping people making people happy and shit when in reality everyone fucking hates you. Not only me everyone you hang out with wanna know why cause youre fucking stuck up thinking youre better at everything. Saying that youve been through all the shit ive been through when in reality nothings wrong with its just that youre fucking stuck up. If youre just like me and been through the shit ive been through then have you gotten raped, molested by your own cousin, beaten by your exs, have server depression, social anxiety, adjustment anxiety, bullemia, anorexia, suicidal thoughts, anger issues, or server schizophrenia. No right then how about you shut your dirty lying mouth cause people who have anything like this or anything else go through the pain of getting called by it okay. Stop saying youre like me cause you dont know me and what ive gone through in my life okay. So saying it again say its my fucking fault again so i can tell you what everyone thinks about you. Cause i asked everyone how they felt about you and everyone said negative things. Me and you are nothing alike. I tried to help and look where its got me to. People calling me a liar fake and saying that everythings my fucking fault well when i fucking die ill tell them that you fucking caused all this shit youre making me go through ever since fucking 2nd grade ive been dealing with you . So yes everything is my fault all this that has happened is my fault does it make you feel like your fucking superior then me. One of these days ill show you who the fucking superior is you **** face.

Fucking done enjoy the reading sorry for the language this is the only place where i know people are almost alike to me. Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed.

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