My suicide note

April 3rd, 2014by Wantdeath

Hey fellas,
Iam a 15 year old dumb as a rock good for NOTHING fat ugly piece of shit.I decided to write my last note on a website and not on paper because my handwriting is very bad.Actually iam not flawed.Iam a flaw(if it means anything).My life is on rocks.The only option left for me is death.I know killing oneself requires a lot of courage.But i have to die whether i like it or not.I have no friends,people hate me for some reason.They even made fun of my cuts including my teacher!I decided to show all of them what iam capable of but you know what?Iam not capable of anything.Iam a born loser.I know god creates each human being for a reason but…….i lost my words.I dont know what to say.I just wanted to let out my thoughts for the last time.All my life i never opened up to anyone.Anyways
.Iam sorry for the most horrible suicide note in history.Its just that iam not good at writing just like everything else
Goodbye everyone(if you care):/
A sad lonely pathetic piece of shit

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