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by Kalana

god I’m so fucking pissed off with my DHB; They expect us to pay through the nose in taxes and then won’t even give us the services we need!! WTF is this shit?!? and people ask me why I’m an anarchist… I don’t need the health of the majority dictating what sort of illnesses I get covered for!!! fucking idiots…. and then they act all suprised when we wan’t to kill ourselves! well DUHHH!!! USE YOUR BRAINS FUCKING DUMB PEICE OF SHIT POLITICIANS

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Shephard 4/20/2014 - 11:33 pm

Poli-poli-poli-politicians… When will you make the right decisions? I feel ya though. Fuckin good thing the military will cover me for my shit. As stipulated in my medical clearance papers. Public health is okayish here though, a few things need improving, especially mental health services.

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