April 1st, 2014by Sammie Motionless

So lately all my friends want me to help them with relationships of their own. I don’t know all the answers sometime and thats what usually makes me feel bad. When i can’t find out how to help i feel bad i cry and just go on a rampage. One of my exs still a very good friend of mine started to tell me to focus on my own relationship. For some reason i never listened but now a days all i try and do is be there for them. But then my so called friends make me feel like crap cause im not helping them in any way. Well of course fucking not okay i have a life i have a relationship okay i need to focus on my own if i want to be happy. See im not always going to be in their lives so they need to sort of learn to just talk to each other and work it out. I dont want to be the one that has to feel bad when everything goes down the drain cause i couldnt help. Im not going to blame for them anymore. Not their relationships or others. I learned how to deal with mine so why cant they. Im still trying to be there for them but then they just say oh you’re not even helping you’re just pretending. Thats what gets to me like why the fuck in this whole entire world would i pretend. If i was i wouldnt be sitting there right next to you listening to you while giving you hugs and patting and petting your head and give you shit to make you feel like it wasnt your fault. Like why the fuck would i do that im not that fucking type to be doing that shit cause that….thats just fucked up. So next time when im there next to you trying to help you dont go saying im fucking pretending okay.

My feelings of this topic out. I feel better thanks for reading.


P.s I will listen and give advice all im saying is just not to say im pretending or being fake. Mkay bye.

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