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Don’t tell me that suicide is selfish

by deadmanwalkingO_o

I always here it. Suicide is so selfish it makes everyone around you unhappy.

Here’s what i have to say to that…

Suicide is not selfish, if anything, stopping suicide is selfish, because it’s selfish to make someone stay here on this world when they are in so much pain. Or even if they think that they are having a bad effect on the world. I think that people have the right to kill themselves without being reprimanded by people who have no idea what it’s like…

Also, if someone kills themselves people should be happy for them, they discovered there emotions and acted upon them. If you are religious then just think that they went to Valhalla or something.

Yours sincerely


P.S. I didn’t say ‘commit suicide’ at all because no one has committed suicide since the 19th century when it was illegal. You commit murder, you commit rape. You don’t commit suicide


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freeroma 5/29/2014 - 2:27 pm

Hear, hear.
I think they say suicide is selfish because the people left behind are left behind, because we do it for ourselves and not them.
I’m not sure they realize that we take them into consideration, but that ultimately we lose.
Another possible reason is that they see us as ‘quitting’ at life, ‘giving up.’
This site is a testament to how hard it is to die.

Hatshepsut 5/29/2014 - 2:56 pm

If not selfish, then it is something that’s done alone. It’s definitely not cowardly. It’s still not usually a good thing to do. Best wishes.

genesis0987 5/29/2014 - 4:01 pm

Deadmanwalking, my thoughts exactly. Suicidal people have no peace on earth- not in the head, nor in the surroundings.. Suicide is the last attempt to get peace. It’s nothing to cry about.

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