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Journal Entry #5

by marine105



Comments? I’d like input please


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Morlock 7/2/2014 - 9:31 pm

Part of the text is cut off when I enlarge it =/

clevername 7/2/2014 - 9:41 pm

Not all stars are significantly obscured by that effect. Some are more than others. Plus, astronomers have been charting the stars for ages, and lots of them (though not all) retain a relatively similar position over a long period of time. People used to believe they were “fixed,” but they clearly aren’t. Everything is moving in whatever direction physics dictates, as a result of all subsequent interactions with all known and unknown forces, from the origin. The truth is still the truth, even if our limited subjective interpretation of it prevents absolute accuracy of observation.

I find it fascinating that something so apparently instantaneous to our perception (light) takes ~8 minutes to travel from our sun to us.

clevername 7/2/2014 - 9:46 pm

I also need to say that i think you’ve got a pretty cool journal going there. I’ve never been able to do that, but have always sort of envied those who do.

marine105 7/2/2014 - 10:35 pm

That’s a good point, perhaps it’s as simply as perceptions being our only reality. I personally think that people remaining blissfully ignorant of the intricacies of life (such as not realizing a star they’re gazing upon is really already dead or not really in that position of the sky) have a major advantage with regard to remaining happy and full of wonder over people like us.
Ignorance is bliss, always been true in my opinion.

And thank you, I was actually one of those people who always thought…nah…I can’t possibly get really into a journal…
My problem was that I tried to write every single day about just shit that happened, it was so boring. Instead, write about ideas. philosophies. Hell, write about whatever the hell strikes you as a cool thought so you can preserve it. I have everything from physics and math proofs to re-engineered Marxism.

clevername 7/2/2014 - 10:40 pm

Right on. The only thing i’ve written in analog medium anytime recently was some diagrams of a project i was thinking about.

I see people get into the whole “objective vs subjective” thing often… but my take on that is this: in order for subjective reality to exist, an objective must exist to be subjectively experienced. We may all experience it differently, or many of us may experience it almost identically… but whatever subjective variations occur, can only occur because objective reality exists… even though we might all be misinterpreting what that objective reality actually is. I like to think my phaneron is pretty accurate, but i know the human subjective interpretation is fallible, to varying degrees, so there’s always that cautious reminder that “this might not be as real as i think it is.”

M 7/2/2014 - 10:47 pm

I’d say that kind of thinking makes a good coping mechanism, but there’s a flaw on that reasoning. If you see the “truth” now it might be clouded by our judgment and ability to perceive it (which depend on our current circumstances as well), yet if you see it later on your judgment can also be clouded, by the consequences produced by the “truth” on long term. A murder is still a murder, even if it prevented another death in the future if the murdered person planned to kill someone else someday, and in that case the consequences of it (avoiding another death) change your perception and make it look as a good thing in the future, even if it wasn’t a good thing to begin with (first example i could think of). Don’t know if that makes any sense for anyone, but it does to me in some sense, lol.

clevername 7/2/2014 - 10:51 pm

An interesting divergence between Gandhi and Jung: Gandhi was all about supreme nonviolence, but Jung said: “sometimes you have to do something unforgivable, just to go on living.”

Or maybe that’s not so much a divergence… but only seems like it on the surface. I suppose it could be that Jung was just stating a fact, whereas Gandhi was living a choice (as in, he would choose not to do something unforgivable, even if it meant his own death, which doesn’t contradict what Jung said, but merely expresses a preference in a particular scenario, which they both would have agreed is often a part of life).

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