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by emwhy

Sometimes I have off days but tonight I feel a surge of energy and hope. Every day is a blank canvas to rejuvenate your life, edit your story. I have an agenda for tomorrow which probably contributes to this new-found optimism. I’ve forgotten how rewarding it feels to set goals, actually work towards them, and obtain results. The most crippling thing I can do to myself is sit at home and give in to lazy indulgences. I’ve been putting off my responsibilities for far too long.

I’ll start my day with a cardio workout in the morning. I’ll reply to my little Brother’s email from BBBS. I’ll start on that card that I plan to give my friend for her twenty-first birthday. I’ll do a load of laundry. Read a chapter for the stats class I’m taking in the fall and finish another bit of my Matlab program.

Isn’t it funny how little things have the potential to provide such gratification? Here’s to a new day.

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Aeterna 7/24/2014 - 1:59 am

Happy to hear you found some drive. Hopefully this keeps up 🙂

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