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World Industries And The Defect. I did not f— this one up.

by Bisban

Oh. Oh. Holiness, is dead.
Oh. Killing me softly.
The water, the words, down the drain.
Oh, the music, awaiting for the outlaw.
Hold it, by the claw. The bear, the world needs to blow.
The celestial mad cow, look into her eyes. Take her blood, instead.
From our, hybrid evolution, never evolved. I wonder, our caveman.
The killer clan. The God of Man. I am the only, a Morlock.
God is dead. God is real. My obscure projection into reality.
The new age is the golden age.

Our soul never evolved, only our machines.
The ant, the ant, they grow. What will be, of behind this dark elite, in their … GAME.
The millennium ingenuity in our hand but a world set aflame.
I wonder, where the soul in the afterlife.
Have they all been sought in their lost phantasm.
In the next; one-hundred years. Our civilization. Our eco-system.
The sentient movement of truth and reality, hacked by the iron claw.

Interdimensional beings. Fox Mulder.
Did Hitler find the secret power of Cthulhu.
From his soul he tracked down a secret, hidden in our land.
A space worm-hole destination to a black hole.
Kill. Kill. Kill. Our birth history. The land of hell spawned. Child, humanity is the defect.
Now, inside our circus . Welcome to the world, child.

The Obstructed And Defected, And A Malediction Of Satan More, A Storm Of Hell On Earth.

The dead for evolution.

The chain of Morlock.

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