August 30th, 2014 by usedgirl

I’ve became so attach to online dating. I’ve met so many guys who I thought could be the perfect guy. The first guy I met was cool and fun to talk to. He’s name is Jon. We talked on the phone for almost a month. When we decided to hang out, he suggested to go to a hotel. So I agreed. I have a great night, but after few weeks passed by, I heard nothing from him. I send him a text saying all these things that I lost him as a friend. Few months later I met a guy on COD: Ghost. He live near me and was pretty good looking, but when I met him in person he acted like a gangster and talked like he had never been to school before, it was really a turned off. We hook up and after he told me he love me. It was so creepy that I had to block him. A month after that happened I met another guy online, we talked single minute of the day. I fell for this guy, but a misunderstanding happened and we are just acquaintance, but I’ll get to that story later. After 8 months of losing Jon, he came back. But I have met two other guys on Badoo. Their names are Rigo and Ariel. I met Rigo, we went on a date, and had sex in his car. On Wednesday I met Ariel, I went over at his place and had sex too. I haven’t heard from him since then. On Thursday morning I went to Rigo’s place and had sex twice, but told me out of the blue that I had to leave because his dad was arriving at 12pm. When we were in the car he told me “Aren’t we rushing into things” It literally threw me off, but I guess that was a sign that nothing was going to happen. That’s when I realized that I’m a used furniture, they just want to sit on it and leave. I really want someone who will stay and not judge me for what I look like.  So piece of advice, “if you’re doing online dating, make sure you get to know the person before actually meeting them in person. Let them know what are your weakness and your insecurities and that’s when you’ll realize if he’s into you or just using you.”

– I’m the usedgirl who has been used by many guys. Thank you.

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