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I hate money , money sucks , money make people shallow & superficial !

by niki

I hate Money
because it makes people (& society , Humanity as a whole) very shallow & superficial these days / nowadays / today !

90% (or perhaps even more?) Majority / Most people nowadays / today seems to only think about how to make money, how to be rich (and famous), and all/everything of the notion of “success” is simply/only just measured by how much Money (or materials / materialistic stuff) you have.

Most people are so brainwashed by just that mere piece of papers, that they think almost EVERYTHING today/nowadays is & must being ‘ruled/controlled’ by that -ironically- human’s own invention !
Most people I see nowadays only talk about how to make money, make the MOST money (or profits), profitable “business” or “jobs / careers” , and even Everything about social status, Image, and even your own WORTH / VALUE (as a human being) is only just measured by how much “Money or Profits” you have made, or “success / succeed” ! that’s it! NOTHING else !

the most pressing/urgent question (for Humanity / Mankind / Civilization / Human species) then is:
so where is now all OTHER Human’s qualities such as: Love, Caring, Compassion, Empathy, Warmth, Joy, Peace, Laughter, Dreams, Sense of Adventure, Explorers, *Real* Intelligence / Smart (not just simply “sly / tricky / cheaters” or even worse “scams / scammers & snake oil” !! ) , Creativity, Imagination, and most importantly: HEART & SOUL ??..

do you hate money too ?
does anyone else hate money too ?

(google also the currently NEW proposed ‘alternative’ solutions for NEW economy / NEW system / NEW world : Resource Based Economy (RBE), The Zeitgeist Movement, The Venus Project, Zeitgeist Moving Forward (movie/film), Thrive, Paradigm Shift, Equal Income System;.. and also: Illuminati, New World Order (NWO), for those who are really curious..! )


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OnlyLOVEisReal 8/12/2014 - 7:34 pm

It is not money that does this. It is the love of money and the willingness to put the gain of money before all else. As with anything we put before all else. Some it is alcohol, work, religion, ideologies, fast cars, Facebook, …….

LoveIsEverything 8/14/2014 - 9:53 pm

I feel a lot of what you say – I think we have a lot of similarities; I watched the Zeitgeist films, have interest in science and philosophy, and enjoyed music a lot (Nobuo Uematsu). I think the monetary system has causes many things, one is for people to compromise themselves. People conform out of fear, and they do things they don’t enjoy and are fake in social situations to fit in. All this affects the human mind and decreases the potential for people to truly love each other and care for each other. Our society makes it so that it is difficult for people to really connect with each other, because people are in a situation in which they are always busy trying to make money. Our social system is a failure, and it shows in the lack of love in the world.

niki 10/13/2014 - 7:45 pm

also, how many of you here also have heard about: Virtual Reality (VR) , Lucid Dreaming , Astral Projection ?
I really wish/hope those things are true … so I can enter into the world/universe of IMAGINATION, .. & bye bye boring, mundane, harsh, & limited Reality ! )

WanderingDreamer91 7/28/2018 - 11:18 am

I agree with a lot of what you said here too…

Sometimes I just really hate money from working in retail… they lie so much, it’s all about money. 🙁 I don’t like a lot of the customers I get either…

It kind of reminds me of some moments in the anime Kaiji. :p

Anyways, I think I had some weird compromise idea once that I forgot about…

It’s like… what if you kept things more or lessthe sams but reduced the numbers of how much things cost and what people get? Like the proportions are the same I guess but the numbers wouldn’t be in people’s head as much, their wouldn’t be such a thing as billionaires and maybe even millionaires…

I try my best to find anime/manga/games and what not that get really deep and it makes me think of wbat the author is like sometimes, but as for real life… I don’t know…

I don’t understand how goodness works either… how it exists when there’s so much bad stuff if not lies and hypocricy. 🙁

I feel like if something can be imagined, if it’s something that can also be acted upon, it can be something real.

If we can imagine the idea of love, then we should be able to spread more love and make it more real… right? Or something…

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