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Pointless blabbering.

by bornfordying123

After much contemplation, I’ve concluded that life is essentially pointless. It doesn’t make me depressed as much as it makes me apathetic to much that happens. But there is a certain freedom to apathy. It helps me see things for what they are, not through some emotional distortion, and see that life’s really not that complicated. In the end, enjoying life is the only worthwhile pursuit. And if you find yourself unable to enjoy life due to your circumstances, then you’re pretty much screwed (I’ve also concluded that life is inherently unfair).


Also, this site could do with a little DEATH METAL!….on the ukulele.


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C4 8/3/2014 - 11:54 am

Maybe ukulele death metal IS the meaning of life.
Those ancient Greek philosophers just needed a little Cannibal Corpse and a miniature 4 stringed Hawaiian child’s guitar to understand life’s great, complex mysteries.

Have you ever seen that girl who does acoustic Bad Religion cover songs? She’s awesome. Can’t remember her name but she’s all over the Web. Emily something?

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