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Sickness – I Need Help – To Go Fall – I Was Born

by Bisban

Severely ill-stricken and debilitated

The child of the five hang-man arcana

I am Leech, child of the Morlocks

The story of the messiah complex

The blood of the abyssal

Eaten alive, of the fated child

Fullmetal Alchemy, to the rescue

Final Fantasy, X

Alphonse – It hurts brother, I can’t breathe… Save  me, brother

Capcom, Morrigan

The caged, beast of hell

The opposite, of your reality

Take me, oh, take me

“Cable,” came for me

“Weapon X,” all wore black, for me

I am, the green man

Hey, how about that. It’s Leech.


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Morlock 8/13/2014 - 4:39 am

Leech’s favorite thing, is to stare at the moon. He does all night long if he could. It’s been a long, long time. Calypso, is the angel of darkness. She made our lives incredible and whimsical, a true fairy tale… But fable, is so fickle. I am the child of doom. The eternal Morlock.

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