You’re History!

  August 22nd, 2014 by depressednihilist95

How can any historian be optimistic? All of the rapes, murders, and so on in the name of God must at least become tiring to observe over time. I remember watching a video from an antinatalist arguing that objective facts and subjective beliefs lead to pessimism, which may be debatable, but it describes how I view life so well.

History class kind of sucked today, but at the same time I saw some familiar faces. What pissed me off the most was seeing the teacher read off quotes from famous historical figures, but he omitted only one, and it was from Søren Kierkegaard. What the hell? He intentionally skipped that one, said it wasn’t important, and I find Kierkegaard to be quite important, if not all historical figures. I don’t know too much about Kierkegaard (except that he was Danish and seemed to have some cool hair), but I do know that he did help shape modern existential philosophy and especially absurdist philosophy, but, whatever. Philosophy and history don’t matter; nothing matters.

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