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by khajiit

I tried to find your email contact info to email you, but I couldn’t find it so I hope you’ll excuse me writing a post. I just read your FAQs (which you’ve updated without notice) and it seems you delete posts that are “unrelated to suicide” but you have a fun and interesting category? Um, what’s supposed to go there then, how fun it was that Jimmy cut the star spangled banner into his arm? just wondering.


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5 seconds of stendarr 9/8/2014 - 4:57 pm

what suicidal people need every once and a while is something to take their mind off of their negativity, having this place completely immersed in negativity seems counterproductive, we need some casual conversations every once and a while, please reason with me, if not here can you provide me with an email?

C4 9/8/2014 - 5:11 pm

I wonder if admin might read this post faster if you reported this post to admin.
Report on yourself.

theWhispersOfMySins 9/8/2014 - 5:32 pm

I find the occasionall light hearted post very helpful. Please don’t delete them. I need all the reasons to smile that I can find.

This_iz_me 9/8/2014 - 5:39 pm

I agree … It’s nice to smile every now and then….

Randall 9/8/2014 - 5:40 pm

Nice job stendar. I agree.

SeasOfBlue 9/8/2014 - 6:58 pm

Agreed. Some lightheartedness is always appreciated!

lonelyplatypus 9/8/2014 - 7:06 pm

I am not sure, but I think I had read that rule when I joined a couple of months ago. As we now have a category for chitchat, maybe they just forgot to delete that rule or to add that posts unrelated to suicide should be in the Fun & Interesting category?

5 seconds of stendarr 9/8/2014 - 7:18 pm

thanks everyone for your support 🙂

SP Administrator 9/9/2014 - 10:05 am

Our email address is listed in the “FAQ / Help” page. It is the . suicide . project at gmail.

We allow occasional light-hearted posts. We do not allow people making fun of other people who come on here in serious pain (as some people think is fun to do) — that’s cruel and hateful.

We have hundreds of light-hearted posts here, and don’t intend to change that. What we will continue to do is to remove the stuff that is bullying or making fun of other members here.

theWhispersOfMySins 9/9/2014 - 10:29 am

Ty admin

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