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This website isn’t helping. I’m at my lowest, I need help, yet no one helps. Thanks.


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secondlife 9/22/2014 - 1:58 am

The best that people can really do here is offer positive advice and support. But perhaps you need a therapist to give you a more personalized experience. Also you haven’t explained your problem so no one can really make any suggestions until you do.

DayDreamer6 9/22/2014 - 3:39 pm

I’ve seen a therapist, I’ve described the terrible things in my life on this website and hardly anyone ever says anything meaningful.

Sparkle Dolls 9/22/2014 - 5:13 am

Email me if you like… If you want…
te ss.re ne e@ho tmai l.co m (minus the spaces obviously, I just don’t want spam bots to pick it up)
I pretty much never give out my email address… But it’s there if you want it… I care. X

TwistedSpace 9/22/2014 - 8:44 am

We aren’t obligated to help you. We choose to out of the kindness of our hearts. Maybe don’t sound so entitled to it next time? 🙂

DayDreamer6 9/22/2014 - 3:40 pm

Everyone is entitled to it.

Visual 9/23/2014 - 2:36 pm

fwiw, DD6, rather than judge, best I can say is that I get it…and all the awful feelings that go with it. And, honestly, I’m there right now.

anicaroline 9/23/2014 - 11:56 pm

Best help I can offer is to find some very small ways to heal… Think of the things that made you feel most happy or comfortable in childhood and bring that back into your life… I always loved art, so when I went through my major depressive episode (and was suicidal), I started painting every Friday night. I painted a small 5×7 canvas, if it came out nice, yay, if not, it didn’t matter. I just sat down and forced myself to paint. Saturday mornings, I dragged myself to religious services (which I hated as a kid but needed something familiar), Sundays, I roller skated on Venice beach and allowed myself to just live life in the moment. I joined a drum circle, one day, ate lunch by myself another day… I let the day take me where it did. Last, I had a journal for me to put down one concise thought or observation. Monday through Friday, I went back to my normal being miserable…. But what ends up happening is after a few weeks of forcing yourself to do things that spark to your soul, you start to heal. It takes a long time to heal from wanting to kill yourself, but what you need to do is put a few healthy actions in your world and do it enough to see how it changes you. Go bike riding, go to a zoo, just do something different from focusing on being unhappy. If you can do yoga and meditate that’s helpful too. That’s what I do now, as well as try to eat as healthy as I can (fruits, veggies, minimal processed foods) because it helps to keep me from feeling depressed. I hope this helps. Be kind to yourself in small concrete ways. Read the artists way by Julia Cameron- her advice spoke to me while I was at my lowest. Best to you.

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