We Feel Alone

  September 11th, 2014 by DayDreamer6

All of us have so much in common. It’s both amazing and heartbreaking. Imagine all of us getting together and just chatting. Being face to face with the people who are really there for you.

There must be some alternate universe where all of us are happy, truly happy. No longer faking it, no more suffering, just happiness.


What a childlike dream.

We all may feel alone but we’re alone together. Even if it’s not face to face. The first day I posted on here, I was in a very dark place. More specifically, I was standing on a bridge looking down at the water. Wondering. What would happen if I jumped? Who would miss me? What would people do? Would I no longer feel this way? I was completely alone. I’ve redirected everyone away from me because I know how much pain I brought to them.

I’m not saying that I’m cured. Not even close. But at least I now have others to rant to who understand my suffering.


Thank you. xx

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