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why can’t you let me sleep!!

by kateralia

Yet another day I am woken early. Why this time?  I don’t have a friggin clue!  No kids to watch, no food to watch, no doors to be left unlocked & I dont need to go anywhere. Not that I can cos the only key I have is the garage door remote & they stopped working & cannot be moved manually.

So here I am, finally having a good sleep, when my friend wakes me up, to inform me that they are leaving. I dont remember agreeing to go anywhere today,  & the kids are dressed & not playing xbox & she has a key to the backdoor. Why the fuck am I awake for!???? Nothing.

Oh except that they wanted to ask if I heard anything last night… someone threw egg at their cars. This is the second time this has happened & they suspect it is his ex. Mind you, I then got yelled at because I didnt run outside to confront them. I would’ve had to go out the back & round the house pretty fast to catch them, since they were running.

My friend knows I cannot move fast.

Fuck this shit. I’m locking the back door & going back to sleep. If I can.


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Shephard (Disavowed) 9/26/2014 - 9:20 pm

I remember walking home from school once after softball training when a car went past me and an egg came flying my way – the bastard missed by half a metre. They obviously didn’t know I had my bat in my duffel, so luckily they carried on or else I would’ve scrambled their rotten eggs.

Anyway, yeah I hate being bothered when I’m trying to catch some kip too. I’m sorry that your housing arrangements aren’t really ideal, but I guess you’ll just have to deal with it for now. I spent an entire year sleeping on my aunt’s couch in the living room when I was 14, and a few months sleeping rough on the streets, so I appreciate my own quiet space whenever I’m afforded such a thing.

Hope you sleep better tonight though.

nozmoking 9/26/2014 - 11:12 pm

Sorry you were rudely awakened for nothing. That can be a real *****. I really hate the weekends because the time either goes by too fast or I wake up really early with chest-pounding anxiety and then of course that eliminates any possibility of going back to sleep.

Hang blankets over the windows and a sign on your door that tells people their lives are in danger if they disturb you. Damn, if anything you deserve to have your peace and quiet when you have the opportunity to stay in bed if you want to.

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